2000mm Mig welding robot with Megmeet Ehave CM 350AR

Short Description:

Yooheart robot is a top 3 robot brand in China, it's 2000mm arm length MIG welding robot is light weight design, compact structure, large activity space, fast dynamic response, stable and reliable performance. Easy install, takes up little space and meet the requirement of flexible production.
It's features as below:
-Stable quality
-Reliable perforamnce
-6kg payload
-Low cost
-arc tracking, vision tracking, laser tracking avilable.

  • Wire feeder: Included
  • Welder torch: Gas cooling torch
  • Welder: Megmeet Ehave CM 350AR
  • Arm length: 2000mm
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    Big Reach Mig Welding Robot

    2000mm arm length Robot is our biggest reach Mig welding robot. And sold very good especially in Europe
    for it's big length, compact structure and stable performance. This Mig welding robot can be used for
     bicycle accessories, electric car accessories, guardrails, agricultural machinery, engineering machinery,
    furniture accessories, auto parts, car seats, sports equipment, medical equipment.

    Product Introduction

          Yooheart Robot supplies  robotic welding arms that can provide impeccable repeatability to produce consistent and high-quality welds. Our welding robots for sale help enhance efficiency and decrease cycle times. Using automated welding systems and processes allows you to cut on direct labor costs as well as conserve materials. Honyen can customize robotic welding systems to match every client’s different requirements. We have mig welding robots, arc welding robots, and CNC welding robots that are all ISO and CE certified. Choose Yooheart’ premium-quality welding arms and we will ensure the effectiveness of your manufacturing processes.

    Technology Parameters

              0-45℃         20-80%RH(No forsting)
    Motion range J1
    Arm length
    Max speed J1

    Industrial robotics arm welding Quality and Applications

    Robotic welding weld seam performance

    Industrial robot application show

    Main Configuration

    All high Quality products

    Robot body

    1, HY1006A-200 is a Compact design, light, small size, big reach and specially used for Mig welding robot.

    2, It includes all welding bags, easy programming, and good performance.

    3,High presicion, and be installed on ground, ceilling and wall



    Megmeet Ehave CM 350AR

    1, Stable arc in full current and low spatters, be suitable for different welding processes;

    2, Highly concentrated arc and strong penetration, 20% less than other machines in heat input;

    3, Excellent Gap-bridging capability and less sensibility in wire extension;

    4, Welding parameter locking and function expansion can be quickly set up o control panel without more configuration outsourcing;

    Welding Torch

    1, Welding torch has small size big reach;

    2, Torch neck is changeable

    3, Standard torch has anti-collision device;

    4, Customize different angle of torch neck

    Wire feeder

    1, Jobsite Productivity and Efficiency;

    2, Cable Length Compensation, Extreme Reliability;

    3, Heavy Duty Drive Motor with Tachometer Control


    All high quality products

    HIGH Precision

    Compact design

    All Chinese parts

    2000mm welding robot welding torch
    Robot wire feeder

    HIGH Quality

    Flexible configuration

    Stable performance


    Simple in structure

    Easy to maintain

    More cost-effective

    Wire feeder supportor
    stable Robot welding

    HIGH Precision

    High speed and stability precise path welding solutions


    performance quality process

    Welding Robot

    YOO HEART Robot is our best seller, if your work piece is not complicated, this workstation will help you speeding up your productivity. This station includes one 6 axis welding robot, welding power source, one axis positioner and some other useful peripheral equipment. Once you receive this unit, the robot can work after all plugs in. we can also supply simple clamps for you so that you can fit up the work piece stable and fast.

    After sale service

    Every customer should know YOOHEART robot good before they buy it. Once customers have one YOOHEART robot, their worker will have 3-5 days free training in YOOHEART factory. There will be a wechat group or whatsapp group, our technicians who are responsible for after sale service, electrical, hard ware, software, etc. will be in. If one problem happens twice, our technician will go to customer company to solve the problem.

    After sale service

    All of Yooheart robot will packed Strictly comply with export packing requirements.





    Official certified quality assurance


    Q. How can robot communicate with each other?

    A. Two robots can communicate with each other through ether net and 485. You can choose in the teaching pendant directly, it’s been written in the system before delivery.

    Q. Will you connect torch clean station for your working station?

    A. That’s an optional item, if you need, we can configure for you.

    Q. How can I know your working station is good or not?

    A. It’s good for you coming to your factory to view around and test the working station yourself. Actually, this way is good for both you and us, we know you better and you know us better.

    Q. Can my workers stay your company for training?

    A. That’s good, the training in our factory is free, you only need to charge your own accommodation.

    Q. Will you give me special price for the first working station?

    A. We can talk about this.

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