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Part 1 About Honyen

About Us

     Anhui Yunhua Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and application with a registered capital of 60 million yuan. It has more than 200 employees and covers an area of more than 120 acres. Since its inception, Yooheart has obtained dozens of inventions and over 100 appearance patents products with strong strength, our products have passed IOS9001 and CE certifications, we can provide industrial robots with various functions and the corresponding complete set of solutions for the majority of users. After more than ten years of research and development technology precipitation, “Honyen" is innovating and creating a new brand "Yooheart". Now we are moving on with new Yooheart robots. Our self-developed RV reducers breakthrough more than 430 manufacturing difficulties and have achieved the domestic RV reducer mass production.

    Yunhua is committed to building a domestic first-class robot brand. We believe through all efforts of Yooheart, we can achieve the "unmanned factory"

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Part 2 Project Introduction

Honyen Robot Loading and Unloading system Technical Project Overview

The 6-axis robot automatically loads and unloads materials for two CNC lathes
Maximum product weight:<80g
Machining parts

CNC Machine Machining Part

Technical Data and Description

  • 1, Operation mode

              Operation Form: semi-automatization

  • 2, Technological process

              Hoister loads material

              Manually pour the material into the hoist bin

              The hoist starts to automatically arrange the material to the conveying line for the robot to grab
  • 3, Robot loads and unloads materials

              Robot loads and unloads materials. Claw B takes lathe A material

              Gripper B will put the material on the turning table, turning table

              Gripper B takes the material of the turning table, gripper A takes the material of lathe B, gripper B puts the new material

              Gripper A puts the new material into the box

              Repeat the above steps




Note: The robot gripper is designed for two working station, and there is no time interference in the processing of 2 CNC lathes!

Main Equipment and Function

Configuration list
Hositer  general view

Hositer  general view

Schematic diagram of rotary clamping cylinder

Schematic diagram of rotary clamping cylinder

Part 3 Robot Parameters

Part 4 Installation, Debugging and Training

          Before delivery, the robot system will be assembled and fully functional tested in Anhui Yunhua Intelligent Equipment Co., LTD. The customer will ship the workpiece to our company for pre-acceptance before leaving the factory. During the pre-acceptance, the customer operators will receive initial technical training.

          The installation plan and technical requirements will be submitted to the customer 20 days before the installation, and the customer shall make timely preparations according to the requirements. Our company will send engineers to install and debug the system at the customer's site, and complete programming and debugging, personnel training and mass trial production under the condition that the customer ensures sufficient debugging parts. Our company trains the engineering and technical personnel of programming, operation and maintenance of robot system for customers.  The trainees should have certain computer basis.

          During installation and debugging, the customer shall provide necessary tools, such as lifting equipment, forklift truck, cables, and hammer drill. Temporary assistance personnel shall be provided during unloading and installation.

          Yooheart is responsible for the guidance of equipment installation, commissioning and related personnel training, training maintenance and operation workers. The demander selected personnel to operate, ultimately to achieve their own operation and maintenance of the equipment.

          Training content: equipment structure principle, common electrical troubleshooting, basic programming instruction introduction, programming skills and typical parts programming methods, equipment operation panel introduction and precautions, equipment operation practice, and Q&A.

         If meet special situation, Both sides negotiated settlement

Part 5 Environmental Requirement


Power Requirement

1.Voltage AC 380V, 3 phase four wire system (phase wire and ground wire)
2.Frequency: 50Hz ±1Hz;
3.Allowable fluctuation range:-10%~+10%

   Ambient  temperature: Operating temperature 0~45℃

                                        Shipping and storage temperature -20~60℃

                                        Temperature coefficient 1.1℃/min

RH: Usually the ambient temperature is 20% ~ 75%RH (no condensation occasions); In the short term (within 1 month). Less than 95%RH (in case of no condensation).


1. Gas and spare parts used by users must comply with relevant national standards.
2. The air source should be set outdoors with a distance of no less than 15 meters from open fire, and the distance between gas and oxygen should be no less than 15 meters. The air source should be well ventilated, and should be sheltered from wind and shade.
3. Check each air route before work. If there is any air leakage, it must be repaired before starting work to ensure safety.
4. The operator shall not have oil stains on his hands when adjusting the pressure and changing the cylinder.
5. Environmental humidity: in general, the environmental humidity is 20% ~ 75%RH (where there is no condensation);Short term (within 1 month) below 95%RH (no condensation occasion).
6. Compressed air: 4.5 ~ 6.0kGF /cm2 (0.45-0.6mpa), filtered oil and water, ≥100L/min
7. Foundation: the minimum concrete strength is C25, and the minimum foundation thickness is 400 mm
8. Vibration: Stay away from the vibration source
9. Power supply: The power supply of all manufactured electrical and electronic equipment adopts 50HZ (±1), 380V (±10%) three-phase AC voltage, allowing fluctuation: -10% ~ +10%, ensure the power supply level grounding.
On-site services provided by customers:
1. All necessary preparations prior to shipment, e.g. foundation, necessary external preparations, fixing AIDS, etc.
2. Customer on-site unloading and transportation, temporary assistance, etc.

Part 6 Quality Assurance Service

The quality guarantee period of the core parts of this equipment is 1 year or 2550 hours, whichever comes first.

Yunhua Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. can repair or replace parts free of charge(EXW) if it is damaged in normal use and the equipment is within the warranty period (consumables, maintenance products, safes, indicators and other consumables specially designated by our company are not subject to this limit).

For wearing parts without warranty, our company promises the normal service life and supply price of wearing parts, and the equipment has a stable supply channel of equipment for up to five years.

After the end of the warranty period, our company will continue to provide lifelong paid service, provide comprehensive technical support and required equipment accessories.

Part 7 Check and Acceptance Standard

Pre-check and acceptance

Pre-check and acceptance shall be in Anhui Yunhua Intelligent Co,.Ltd, attended by relevant personnel from both sides. Pre-check and acceptance shall be conducted according to the key accuracy of the workpiece provided by the customer to achieve the operation target, and the pre-check and acceptance inspection report shall be issued, and the goods shall be delivered after passing the acceptance. In order to ensure the smooth pre-check and acceptance, the customer shall provide 4 sets of spare parts +1 set of finished products for normal production.

Final Check and Acceptance

Final acceptance is approved by the customer department inspection (including equipment configuration, appearance inspection and no-load functions, etc.), and the control system function demonstration approval. After all installation and debugging are qualified, the final acceptance of the equipment shall take effect with the signature of the acceptance representatives of both parties.

The main criteria and basis for final acceptance are as follows:

          1. 4 main components within the scope of technical agreement for continuous operation, and the product quality meets the technical requirements.

          2. The equipment shall meet the requirements of relevant national standards and technical agreements.

Part 8 Files with Station

Installation drawings: Construction drawing of equipment foundation, Equipment installation drawing

Design drawings: General equipment drawing, wiring diagram

Instructions manuals: operation and maintenance instructions, Robot instruction Manual

Attachments: shipping list, certification, warranty card
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