Precision Reduction Gear RV-C series

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Precision reduction Gear RV-C series ,Large hollow aperture, fully sealed, zero backclearance, large torque, high positioning accuracy and repeatability, large torsional stiffness and overturning stiffness, small size, light weight, large speed ratio, high efficiency, long life, simple assembly.
RV-C reducer can be used for: Shipbuilding industry, Medical industry, Intelligent industry, Precision industry, Security industry, Electromechanical industry, Heavy industry, Machinery industry.

  • Feature 1: Hollow shaft structure
  • Feature 2: Ball bearings integrated
  • Feature 3: Two stage reduction
  • Feature 4: Both sides supported
  • Feature 5: Rolling contact elements
  • Feature 6: Pin-Gear structure design
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    Precision reduction Gear RV-C series reducer

    YH RV-C is a two-stage gear reducer which consists of the 1st stage of planetary gear reducer and the 2nd stage of cycloidal pin-wheel reducer. The first speed reduction is achieved by the meshing between the big gear of center gear and the planetary gear based on the gear reduction ratio. The planet gear is connected to the crank shaft and the rotation of crank shaft causes the eccentric rotation of the cycloid disc. This achieves the second speed reduction and thus if the crack shaft rotates 360 degrees. The cycloid disc will rotate one tooth in the opposite direction

    Operating Principle

    1. Cycloid disc

    2. Planetary gear

    3.Crank shaft

    4. Needle house

    5. Pin



    How RV-C reducer works 1


    RV -C  constructure

    1. Left planetary Gear carrier        6. Right Planetary gear carrier

    2. Pin wheel  House                       7. Centre Gear

    3. Pin                                             8. Input carrier

    4. Cycloid disc                                9. Planetary gear

    5. Base Bearing                             10. Crank Shaft


    Technology Parameters

    Model RV-10C RV-27C RV-50C
    Standard Ratio 27 36.57 32.54
    Rated Torque (NM) 98 265 490
    Allowable starting/stopping torque (Nm) 245 662 1225
    Momentary max.allowable torque(Nm) 490 1323 2450
    Rated output speed(RPM) 15 15 15
    Allowable output speed: duty ratio 100% (reference value(rpm) 80 60 50
    Rated service life(h) 6000 6000 6000
    Backlash/Lostmotion (arc.min) 1/1 1/1 1/1
    Torsional rigidity (central value)(Nm/arc.min) 47 147 255
    Allowable moment (Nm) 868 980 1764
    Allowable thrust load(N) 5880 8820 11760

    Demension size

    Model RV-10C RV-27C RV-50C
    A(mm) 147 182 22.5
    B(mm) 110h7 140h7 176h7
    C(mm) 31 43 57
    D(mm) 49.5 57.5 68
    E(mm) 26.35±0.6 31.35±0.65 34.35±0.65





    1, Hollow shaft structure

    Easy use for Robot cables and lines go through gear

    Save a lot spare, Simplification;

    2, Ball bearings integrated

    It’s good for increasing reliability and reducing cost;

    3, Two stage reduction

    Good for reducing vibration and inertia

    4, Both sides supported

    Good for torsional stiffness with less vibration, high load capcity

    5, Rolling contact elements

    High efficiency, long life and low backlash

    6, Pin-Gear structure design

    Low backlash with high load capacity

    Factory Overview

    Daily Maintenance and trouble shooting

    Inspection item Trouble Cause Handling method
    Noise Abnormal noise or

    Sharp change of sound

    Reducer damaged Replace reducer
    Installation problem Check the installation
    Vibration Big vibration

    Vibration increase

    Reducer damaged Replace reducer
    Installation problem Check installation
    Surface temperature Surface temperature increase sharply Oil lack or grease deterioration Add or replace grease
    Over rated load or speed Reduce load or speed to rated value

    Bolt loose

    bolt torque not enough  

    Tightening bolt as requested

    oil leakage Junction surface oil leakage Object on junction surface clean ohject on junction surface
    O ring damaged Replace O ring
    accuracy Gap of reducer becomes larger Gear abrasion Replace reducer


    Official certified quality assurance


    Q: What should I provide when I choose a gearbox/speed reducer?
    A: The best way is to provide the motor drawing with parameters. Our engineer will check and recommend the most suitable gearbox model for your reference.
    Or you can also provide the below specification as well:
    1) Type, model, and torque.
    2) Ratio or output speed
    3) Working condition and connection method
    4) Quality and installed machine name
    5) Input mode and input speed
    6) Motor brand model or flange and motor shaft size

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