1430mm arm length handling robot for loading and unloading

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HY1010A-143 robots are capable handling light products and can be integrated at the assembly lines for packing and palletising tasks.
-Handles payloads up to 10kg
-Available with 1430mm arm length
-170KG Lightweight , slim arm suitable for machine-tending
-Application area: handling material, stamping, loading and unloading on cnc machines

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HY1010A-143 is a kind of 6 axis handling robot which have many applications. With its lightweight, it can easily load and unload materials in CNC machines. We produce handling robot in our factory for 8 years. Packaging robot has a big potential market in the future, the salary improves fast and robots instead man work will be more and more. We begin to produce handling robots from 2017, we have very good experiences to help you improve your factory efficiency.

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Packing and Shippment

Our robot package are wooden boxes which accord with export standard.

Delivery time is 30 days

Sea ports: Shanghai Port, Ningbo Port


Robot Application——Chain plate assembly




Press assembly of inner chain plate assembly

Discharge of inner chain plate silo ▶ Sleeve and roller silo pre assembly discharge ▶ Six axis robot grasping ▶ Internal chain plate press stamping ▶ Robot grabs and places chain conveyor line


Press assembly of outer chain plate assembly

Discharge of six hole outer plate silo ▶ Pin shaft silo discharge ▶ Six axis robot grasping ▶ External chain plate press stamping ▶ Robot grabs and places the conveyor line of outer chain plate assembly


Best & Professional after-sales supports

We have a perfect after-service to help you learn the operation even if you have never used industrial robots and solve problems during your use time.

First, we will provide the related manuals to help you understand some robot information.

Second, we will provide a series of teaching videos. You can follow these videos step by step from wiring, and simple programming to completing complex programs. It is the most efficient way to help you under the covid circumstance.

Last but not least, we will provide online service with more than 20 technicians. If you have any questions, you can contact us at any time and we will help you promptly.


Company Profile

Anhui Yunhua Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd. is a scientific and technological enterprise integrating R&D, production, sales and application with a registered capital of 60 million yuan. It has more than 200 employees and covers an area of more than 120 acres. Since its inception, Yooheart has obtained dozens of inventions and over 100 appearance patents products with strong strength, our products have passed IOS9001 and CE certifications, we can provide industrial robots with various functions and the corresponding complete set of solutions for the majority of users. After more than ten years of research and development technology precipitation, “Honyen" is innovating and creating a new brand "Yooheart". Now we are moving on with new Yooheart robots. Our self-developed RV reducers breakthrough more than 430 manufacturing difficulties and have achieved the domestic RV reducer mass production.

Yunhua is committed to building a domestic first-class robot brand. We believe through all efforts of Yooheart, we can achieve the "unmanned factory"




Q. What is the key market of your robot?
A. Now our robot can service automotive, steel structure, farm machine, steel furniture, new energy, storage and delivery, engineering machine, physical equipment, animal machine, motorbike etc.

Q.what kind of service can you offer?
A. As for applications, welding, handling, pick and place, painting, palletizing, laser cutting, laser welding, plasma cutting and so on.

Q. Do you have your own control system?
A. Yes, of course, we have. Not only do we have a control system, the most important part of the robots: reducer is being produced. That is why we have the most competitive price

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